Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Truck

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McLaren fans will recognise this race truck and its iconic livery and immediately harp back to an incredible time in the Woking team's history. This is, of course, a beautiful model of the former Vodafone McLaren Mercedes race truck.


This 1:XX model of the official team truck is mobile and can be positioned to be displayed perfectly. It also features all of the team's branding and the iconic silver, chrome details that were a big part of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' livery on both the car and trucks, and even in the garage.


For the European rounds, Formula 1 teams typically transport their cars and equipment by land. The trucks are wrapped to look professional on the road and also when they are parked up in the Formula 1 paddocks. The British team from Woking used Mercedes trucks throughout their time with Mercedes power.

In the time of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes era, the team claimed a drivers' world title in 2008 with Lewis Hamilton and 34 race victories over seven seasons 

Add this wonderfully detailed model to your collection today.

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