The Unprecedented Impact of Paoli Impact Wrenches

Dino Paoli SRL was founded in Italy in 1967, with the aim to provide industrial impact wrenches. As the founder; Mr. Paoli, was watching Formula 1 in 1975, he noticed that the impact wrenches used by the Ferrari team was a typical industrial one. He knew that he could do better, so on the Monday after that race weekend he called Enzo Ferrari himself, promising him that he would deliver an impact wrench like no other. 

Dino Paoli working on a Lancia Stratos Turbo Group 5 

After months of iterations and versions, Dino Paoli brought the wheel gun to the paddocks and changed pit stops forever. The purpose-built impact wrenches outperformed all the competition and defined the wheel guns on every paddock. In just a few years, the name Paoli became a synonym for wheel guns and it has remained at the top of the motorsports game ever since. 

Niki Lauda holding a Paoli DP 191

The story of Dino Paoli is one of passion and perservarance, following his passion to create a product that revolutionized pit stops in motorsports, enabling Red Bull Racing to achieve the fastest F1 pit stop in history of only 1.82 seconds. We are proud to offer Paoli wheel guns to our customers through Caseliner, which can be ordered here