Automobilist | Porsche 917 KH - 24h Le Mans - 100th Anniversary - 1971 | Limited Edition

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With the release of their legendary racing vehicle, the 917 KH, in 1970, Porsche achieved a significant milestone in its history. In terms of design and engineering, this model represented a tremendous advancement, and it soon won over fans in the world of motorsports. The 917 KH was created to adhere to the new standards, which mandated that manufacturers construct at least 25 examples of a given model before submitting it for homologation. Porsche first refused to comply, but eventually succeeded in producing 25 functional vehicles, even providing the officers the chance to test drive each one.

It measures 50 x 70 cm and comes without a frame. The poster is printed on high quality 175g/m2 paper. 

This poster is an official collaboration that celebrates the centenary of the 24H of Le Mans. 

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