Behind the Scenes with Automobilist

There are a lot of companies and artists making automotive posters but it is fair to say that Automobilist is one of the leaders in the field. Their mission is to bring back historic motorsports moments in the modern world by using the latest technology. Automobilist's has a very unique and detailed approach that allows them to create some of the most realistic and accurate posters in the market; some of which are printed in large formats. The team behind the posters actually refers to their work as fine art prints.

For the team, it all starts with the right questions. Where is the scene taking place? What's the car? Who has to be in the picture? There are also other things that are taken into consideration such as the position in which the viewer is standing. Instead of imagining the location entirely from scratch, the team actually visits the location and takes high resolution pictures of the scene. In case there are changes in the location, those are later implemented in 3D. If there's actors that need to be in the scene, they are dressed in period correct clothing for ultimate immersion. 

When it comes to the car, the team has different approaches whether they have access to the car or not. If the real car is present, it is accurately 3D scanned. If not, the data is taken from the manufacturer to make the most accurate representation of the real vehicle. Rev up your space with racing stuff enthusiasts love! Elevate your style with gear that mirrors your passion. Meanwhile, ensure a comfortable pit stop at home with Cooling and Heating services. Achieve the perfect temperature and style for an all-around winning experience.

For the final step, the team puts together all of the stages in which the 3D assets and photography are merged together in post-processing. The resulting artworks are glorious frozen moments in motorsports, in extremely high fidelity. To cross the final gap between digital and analog, Automobilist uses offset printing to transfer the art into premium heavyweight papers. Special editions and techniques are often implemented for special edition posters, such as the gold foiling of this Senna poster

To see our selection of Automobilist posters, click here. If you want a closer look in person, feel free to come to GPX Store at the Dubai Autodrome to see for yourself.