Automobilist | Ford GT40 Mk.II - 24h Le Mans - 100th Anniversary - 1966 | Limited Edition

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A historic competition between Ferrari and Ford took place during the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance event in 1966. Ferrari was the current champion after winning the famous race six times in a row, but Ford was out to break their winning record. The classic Ford GT40 Mk.II would carry the American team's aspirations for victory. The GT40s had potent 7-litre V8 engines, which made them some of the track's quickest vehicles. Both teams suffered setbacks and saw their leads fluctuate during the race, which finally resulted in a huge triumph for Ford. The fact that Ford had mandated a staged finish for all three Fords added controversy to the triumph.

It measures 50 x 70 cm and comes without a frame. The poster is printed on high quality 175g/m2 paper. 

This poster is an official collaboration that celebrates the centenary of the 24H of Le Mans. 

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