The Eccentric Kits of Formula 1 Teams

Team kit, it’s not just been a practical investment for racing teams and drivers but it’s also become a major fashion accessory for racing fans around the world. Fans who stand behind their favourites and cheer them on as they race for glory all over the world in the premier class of motorsport, Formula 1.

Old school F1 fans can now rejoice in the unique jackets we have in store which are from the golden age of Formula 1. Sponsorship money and increased ROI for eCommerce drove the need for branded team kits when the legendary Colin Chapman from the Lotus F1 team shocked the sport by replacing the traditional British racing green paint scheme with the red and gold of a cigarette brand, Gold Leaf in 1968. The colours on the car transferred to the team kit and drivers’ overalls and very soon every Formula 1 team had followed suit and the days of teams racing in their countries colours were gone.

Over time, the clothing has become more and more reliable, practical and stylish and more desirable. At GPX Store, we pride ourselves on being able to offer racing fans unique pieces of motorsport memorabilia, but now, we can offer something incredibly specia: vintage racing kits from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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