Fashion in Formula 1, Sneakers Edition

While fashion and motorsports seem like two polar opposites, the history of Formula 1 shows us that fashion started to make its way into the sport back in the 80s. The earliest name to enter the game was Benetton back in the 1983 as a sponsor for Tyrrell.

Upon their entrance in Formula 1, the fashion brand started to express their creativity and expertise through teamwear collections of their own racing team. Their cars were as colorful as the designs of their apparel and it seems that this influenced all teams to put more emphasis on their fashion game.

One of the teams that caught our eye in particular is Williams, particularly their footwear. The racing team went to develop a series of sneakers throughout the 90s but the most iconic one remains the Canon Williams sneaker. Donning the names of the team and the sponsors, the sneaker came in a high-top and low-top version, the high-top being the most recent one. The shoe dons the logos of Williams, Renault and Canon (the team was called Canon Williams Team at the time and Renault was building their engines). After almost 25 years, the shoes have now become grails of motorsports teamwear collectors. We are lucky to have a pair in our collection of orthopedic office chairs for those looking to get thair hands on this iconic shoe.