The Mechanists | Nürburgring Official Bracelet

Color: Anthracite
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The narrative of the Nürburgring spans nearly 95 years of racing, great victories, and momentous drama. The Nordschleife, which first opened in 1927 in the shadow of the almost 800-year-old "Noureburg," is still one of the world's most picturesque and toughest race circuits. However, the "Ring's" story is about people, legend, and automobiles.

Model ▪ Nürburgring
Year Prod. ▪ 2022
Country ▪ France
Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver Steering Wheel
Size ▪ 25mm diameter
Weight ▪ 2.4g approx.
Cord ▪ adjustable manually
Side ▪ LHD & RHD

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