Schuberth | HC Light Smoked Mirrored Multilayer Red Helmet Visor

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Unleash exceptional performance with our injected visors, crafted with F1 expertise. Choose our variant HC Light Smoked Mirrored Multilayer Red Helmet Visor for a bold and dynamic look on the track. Our standard visors feature Pinlock® 120 fog-resistant lenses, tear-off buttons, and a locking lever for ultimate convenience. The rain visor is equipped with an adhesive fog-resistant lens, tear-off buttons, and a locking lever. Safeguard your visors with the included soft Visor Pouch. Elevate your racing experience with our cutting-edge injected visors.

New High Contrast Visors Technology:

Because our eyes function like an RGB sensor, they have trouble telling the difference between red and green and blue and green light.
By more effectively segregating the three hues, this new filter sharpens
"High contrast" (HC) technology removes color confusion by obstructing color wave crossings as they pass through the lens, allowing your brain to detect actual color more quickly. The track appears more vibrant than ever thanks to HC technology, which also improves color and clarity.

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