Minardi F1 Team Truck

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Rejoice and celebrate the incredible story of the Minardi Formula 1 team, one of the most popular Formula 1 teams in history with this special edition diecast model of their 2005 F1 race truck.

Founded by Giancarlo Minardi in 198X, the team struggled financially all the way up until they were bought by Red Bull in 2005 at the Belgian Grand Prix and would then turned into Toro Rosso and eventually Alpha Tauri, but always raced with dignity. The team was regarded as ‘talent spotters’ and helped nurture young talents such as Jarno Truli, Giancarlo Finishcella and 2x Formula 1 World Champion (2005, 2006), Fernando Alonso.

The Minardi spirit still lives on today with their own Historic Minardi F1 days and in the current guise as Red Bull’s own junior team which is helping to nurture their own Formula 1 World Champions of the future.

Bag this incredibly detailed model today while you still can. Only one is currently available.

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