Automobilist | Giorgio Piola Technical Drawing 1977 Tyrrell P34B Poster

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This poster was designed and created by Automobilist in collaboration with Motorsport Network inspired by Giorgio Piola's work. It uses 3D modelling technology for its design to be as accurate as possible. 
The Tyrrell P34B was one of Piola's all-time favorite F1 cars and he was granted high-level access to the car to be able to create such detailed drawings. Its iconic 4 wheel front-end was a complex but rewarding feat; making it possible for the car to run less aero downforce and drag upfront, increasing its performance to an equivalent of 40 HP and allowing for more grip. 

It measures 50 x 70 cm and comes without a frame. The poster is printed on high quality 175g/m2 paper. 

This poster is an officially licensed product by Giorgio Piola.  


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