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The Youth Neck Support, which is especially made for young riders or riders with smaller frames, works when the helmet and support frame offer an alternate load channel for the excessive energy that crushes the neck. The overall stress travelling through the neck can be lowered if the helmet is in touch with the neck support at the time of impact. This could prevent a fracture from forming and lower the risk of muscular injuries from violent head movements. Although there is always a chance of getting hurt, the support has been shown to lower the most severe damage and the chance of becoming hurt in a secondary way since the impact load is diverted away from the neck.

  • The injected polymer material used to build the YNS frame has undergone rigorous impact testing on a variety of off-road terrain at various temperatures.
  • In the case of a crash, the anatomically contoured frame encourages good helmet contact while preserving rider mobility. EVA foam that is incredibly light is used on the underside of the support for comfort, alignment, and to distribute impact force across the greatest feasible area.
  • Quick Release Closure technology for easy support engagement also makes it easier to remove the support quickly in event of an emergency.
  • The rear stabilizer system aids in maintaining the support's position and is also intended to transfer extremely high energy loads across the shoulder and away from the spine, preventing significant spinal injury.

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