The first ever kart was built in Southern California in 1956 by Art Ingels; known as the 'father of karting'. Ever since, this racing category has evolved to become one of the most accessible motorsports discplines all over the world. Karting allows anyone to hop on the track and feel the thrill of speed. Ever since their inception, karting has greatly matured and developed into a competitive sport. This means that karts have more complex chassis, more powerful engines and better components overall. This increase in performance of karting demands protective gear. All karts (except offroad ones) are open, meaning that the driver is completely exposed to the elements while on the track. Safety while on the track comes first, fun follows closely behind. All drivers, and especially those competing in CIK regulated events; need to have a full-face helmet, a balaclava, driving suit, gloves and shoes. The importance of helmets can not be stressed enough, it protects your most vulnerable and valuable body part. A balaclava underneath will help wick moisture and comfort on those sweaty track sessions. A suit will also keep you safe from the elements, combined with the gloves which will offer superior grip and comfort and your boots that will make sure your ankles are well protected. For any driver, whether professional or hobbyist; it's very important to have your gear before your races. We work with our partners to provide you a selection of karting gear and karting helmets that will ensure that you're well equiped for your next race.

Discover the best karting gear from world leading brands for ultimate comfort and safety during your sessions.



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