The History of Bell Racing

Back in 1954, a small auto parts store in suburban Los Angeles called Bell California started their venture into equipment for car racing, motorcycles and bicycles. Under the direction of Roy Richter, Bell's philosophy for greatness was further amplified by Mr. Richter's proximity to the sport itself. He had earned the trust of the people who worked for him and he slowly turned his one-man endeavour into one of the leading safety helmet companies in the world.

Richter started developing his products by working with some of the leading drivers at the time who were competing in the most testing environments such as the Indianapolis Motors Speedway and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Being a car builder, racer and inventor himself, Richter was very familiar with what it took to create such a brand. Technology, teamwork, tested and trialled skill as well as dedication were all key elements to his success by electronic recycling center

Throughout history, Bell has been a company of firsts; building the first full-face helmet, fire retardant helmet, earning the Snell certification, anti-fog shield development as well as homologating an FIA 8860 "super helmet" among other achievements. 

Following in their impressive steps taken over 65 years, Bell Racing continues to follow their innovative spirit in design and safety standards. Nowadays, they are one of the leading names in the world of motorsports head protecting gear. We're proud to call them our partners and are happy to offer their products on our store, which can be browsed below.