OMP | CESAL5 Extinguishing System

Material: CESAL5L 2.2-4.1 M3
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This is an electrically activated fire extinguisher system specifically designed for saloon cars. It is approved and homologated according to FIA 8865-2015 regulations. The system features a single aluminum bottle and can rapidly extinguish fires by injecting two different fire-extinguishing media. The AFFF (Black side) is used to protect the engine bay, while the clean agent NOVEC1230 (Green side) is used to safeguard the cockpit. The system is pressurized for effective discharge. Three black nozzles are provided for the engine bay, strategically placed to protect critical and hazardous components based on the vehicle type. Two green nozzles are dedicated to the cockpit area to ensure driver safety. The package includes fixing brackets, clamps, tubing, and connections.

The system has a diameter of 160mm, weighs 6 kg, and has a length of 350 mm.

There is an "L" version available, suitable for medium-large sized cockpits, as well as an "S" version suitable for small sized cockpits.

For the CESAL5S & CESAL5L models, spare parts and components are available:

Tubings: CD/415 (90° end connection), CD/412 (3-way connection), CD/416 (straight connection), CD/414 (Y-shaped connection), CD/323/A (aluminum tubing), CD/324/10/N (fire-resistant sheath)

Nozzles: CD/411 (cockpit nozzle), CD/393/N (engine bay atomizer nozzle)

Electric parts: CD/360 (control box), X/CAB/360 and X/CAB/SSM, EA/467 (push button), X/181493 (protection for push button)

Other parts: CD/417 (fixing bracket and clamps), X/855 (Sticker)

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