Ferrari F2004 - 1:12 Nose Cone

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Team: Ferrari
Driver Status: Micheal Schumacher
Championship: 2004
Homologation #: N/A


Take a trip back in time and celebrate Ferrari’s most dominant Formula 1 season with this 1/12 scale model of the Ferrari F2004 front wing.


This detailed 1:12 scale model of the front wing will be an intriguing addition to your motorsport collection which has been incredibly detailed, featuring all of the technical features on the front wing, the endplates and has all of the Prancing Horses branding from the season.

The model also comes with a unique silver plaque which enables you to proudly display this unique and rare model.

Officially licensed by the Scuderia and manufactured by the world-renowned Amalgam team, this is a must have item.


The F2004 won an incredible 15 out of the 18 Grand Prix’s run that season, with Schumacher taking the majority of the wins whilst his teammate Barrichello won two of the final three races. Schumacher had such a dominant campaign that he won the world championship with four rounds still to go at the Belgian Grand Prix. 

The F2004 was an evolution from the previous year’s title winning Ferrari, the F2003 GA but the car was revised in order to optimise the Bridgestone tyres and the teams 053 engine. This included changes to the cars aerodynamics, such as the front wing endplates being altered as well as the main plane. 

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