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D.H. Zimic - The Bear Princess

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Artist: D.H. Zimic
Technique: Teddy Bears & Marker
Size: 68 x 50,5 x 40 cm


The text that accompanies the helmet cannot be dissociated from the work because it gives a relief and a sensitive dimension to the emotion felt and as to each of its creations D.H. ZIMIC provides in us vibrations of a particular intensity, unique and at the same time federating a universal recognition as for the very essence of the senses.

Sensitized during the "order" of the theme to follow for the realization of the work from an imposed helmet, D.H. ZIMIC let his inspiration guide him with this different pink bear, alone, isolated sad and at the same time worn through innocence and lost love, he found a place apart on the helmet, leaving him the space still necessary for reverie, imagination and hope. Everyone is free to consider the continuation and the future of this burberry which sends back our forgotten childhood

The Bear Princess

D.H. Zimic's work reads like a tale ...

… Once upon a time in a distant land there was a young princess. She was the pride of her parents who refused her nothing. She showed herself little at Court. From a young age, she had asked to live surrounded by bears. There were big, small, brown, white ... They were her friends and spent whole days playing with her in a castle tower.
But one day the King and Queen decided it was time to marry their daughter, and the bear horde was having a serious problem finding a suitor! They announced to the Princess one morning that the bears would be sent to a forest on the outskirts of the Kingdom. She may have screamed, tearing her hair, and biting her maid who was trying to reason with her, the bears were all dispatched that same evening by express convoy to the east.

There, the bears were not so unhappy to discover the life in the great outdoors, the pine trees and the torrents of fresh water. They quickly organized themselves into a small society where everyone had their role and character. Little by little, they forgot the Princess. A single bear, the most shy, did not mix with the others. He was very small, a little disheveled, and above all he was the only known pink bear in the world! The princess adored him, he adored the princess. In the forest he spent his days and nights dreaming about her.
He didn't want to forget her, and he never forgot her.

Comes with certificate and plexiglass display. Unique piece.

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