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Our inventory includes an extensive selection of tank accessories, including the STAUBLI SAF valves for refueling purposes. These accessories comply with various current regulations such as FIA, FIA-WEC, IMSA, and more.

The following SAF valve models are available:

  • SAF 45.1838/CX/JKV: This serves as the main fuel valve.
  • SAF 45.5000/DN/JKV: It functions as the drain valve specifically designed for the DumpCan.
  • SAF 45.9038/CX: This valve serves as a separator.
  • SAF 45.9010: It is a cam locking coupling used for secure connections. Additionally, we offer fuel and vent hoses, including 38/75mm clamps, to meet your specific requirements.

Rest assured that all our accessories adhere to the necessary regulations and standards, ensuring reliable performance and compliance.

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