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Our inventory includes a diverse range of tank accessories, including the CASELINER refueling valves that comply with current regulations such as FIA, FIA-WEC, IMSA, and more.

Here are the available models of CASELINER refueling valves:

  • RFM-20PP: This serves as the main 2" fuel valve.
  • RFF-20PP: It functions as the drain 2" valve.
  • We offer options for single or double handles for the RFM-20PP valve.
  • Kamlok RFF: It comes with a thorn on a 38mm hose.
  • Fuel straight hose designed for the RFM-20PP valve with a hose adaptor.
  • Kamlok specifically designed for the RFM-20PP valve.
  • Additionally, we provide all fuel and vent hoses, including 38/75mm clamps, to meet your specific needs.

Rest assured that our accessories meet the necessary regulations and standards, ensuring reliable performance and compliance.

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