BMW Williams F1 Team Truck

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Rejoice in the good old days of BMW Williams with this beautiful model of the team's 2002 - 2004 race truck.


This 1:XX model of the official MAN truck isn't just mobile and can be positioned to fit  into your motorsport collection but also features all of the team's branding from the season and the elegant blue racing strips that run along the sides of the trailer and cab.

All of the team's sponsors are also added to the model. As the team's sponsors and the livery on the trucks didn't drastically change between 2002 and 2004, we believe that the same design was used during this time.


For the European rounds, Formula 1 teams typically transport their cars and equipment by land. The trucks are wrapped to look professional on the road and also when they are parked up in the Formula 1 paddocks. Williams F1 used the German truck manufacturer MAN to transport their Grand Prix trailers around Europe.

Between 2002 and 2004, the team had a successful run of results taking a total 6 Grand Prix wins and was in contention for the drivers' title with Juan Pablo Montoya in 2003.

Add this wonderfully detailed model to your collection, living space or office today. 

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