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1950's Ford Open Face Helmet


Team: Ford
Driver Status: Race Driver
Championship Decade: 1950's F1
Homologation #: N/A


Bolster your motorsport memorabilia collection with this blast from the past, a detailed replica of a 1960's open face Formula 1 helmet.


Compared to today's high-tech closed face helmets, this open face helmet doesn't seem very protective, but at the time, they were the safest helmets to have appeared on the racing scene. Previous racing helmets were not even solid objects, mere leather caps.This replica accurately depicts those that drivers of the time will have been wearing and this example is based on a racing driver from the decade, driving for a team with Ford backing. Towards the end of the 1960's, Ford would begin to start winning more races and championships and supply more teams such as Brabham, Matra and Lotus.Add this wonderful piece of memorabilia to your collection today.

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